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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day that we show gratitude for the most important people and things in our lives whether in-person or virtually. To be thankful and grateful for the most precious moments/people in your lives and the experiences that have made you the person you are today is beyond PRICELESS.

As you embark on the food you are about to intake during the day, spending time with your loved ones, and hours of football you are about to watch; what can you do to show your gratitude for things/people who have made a difference in your life?

Creating a List: Make a list of at least five people or things you are thankful for.

Reach Out: For the people who have made your list, reach out to those people and share your gratitude.

Live for Today: Live in the moment. Our time is valuable. Allow yourself to free your time to pay attention to those who care most about you! Put down your phones, electronics, avoid social media, and live in the present moment creating a new memory TODAY.

Giving Thanks: Enjoy and give thanks for the feast, conversations, and love you are about to partake in.

Remembering the Meaning of Thanksgiving: Thanking God for the good people and things in our lives by celebrating His love for us while spreading the love onto others.

Remember to Show the Love, Be the Love, and Spread the Love each and everyday onto yourself and others. Love and Gratitude Begin with YOU!

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