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Holistic Fitness & Health: The Whole You

I attended an event last week and overheard a conversation between two women about the word "Holistic". From the conversation, it seems as though the women found it funny that all they hear now is "holistic this" and "holistic that", but what does "holistic" really mean?

In terms of "HOLISTIC", let's think of the term "WHOLE". Think of a holistic approach as the sum of all attributes = "Whole". Taking this concept a step further, let's explore Holistic Fitness and Health.

Holistic Fitness and Health is not just one, but rather, a combination and balance of many different attributes that make up the WHOLE PERSON. I built and trademarked FITMBS®, Fit Mind-Body-Soul around the idea that fitness is not just about nutrition and/or exercising, but rather, how we live daily. I believe that everyone is unique. Not one of us is the exact same person as we all grew up with a different upbringing, social network, values, culture, and belief systems. As we grew older, we experienced LIFE, which brought us other learnings and experiences unique to each individual.

I work with my clients to connect the dots of what is standing in their way of living their best life in a healthy way. Some areas that are explored during this process may include, but not limited to: exercise, functional nutrition (all foods have a purpose), stress, + energy sources, family, sleep, overall mental & emotional well-being, recovery & regeneration, daily balance and much more. Together, we will develop a plan and work to uncover new steps to take towards creating sustainable healthy life changes.

This process will have its ebb and flows as we explore different ways to tackle the change from what has been learned and engrained in our minds; however, once the client finds what works for them, it becomes a new formed habit that they can take with them in their fitness and health journey to create a happier and healthier life from now and into the future.

FITMBS® offers 3-month and 6-month elite programs realizing that change does not occur overnight, but takes time. We also offer other wellness and performance coaching plans for those that may be on the fence of committing for that length of time. If you are interested in learning more about the programs we offer, visit us at and register for your free consultation.

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