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Regain Your Confidence

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Get ready to regain your confidence with this simple and short exercise!

Whether you are feeling anxious before a job interview or you are feeling deflated in a personal conflict, here is a simple technique to help you feel confident again in your body.

First step is to come into the yoga pose hero, otherwise known as virasana in Sanskrit. To get into this posture, bend both knees so the shins are on the earth, letting the tailbone rest on the heels. For a gentler version, you can place a block between your legs. Lengthen your spine and draw your knees together, as you depress your shoulder blades and lift your heart.

Once you are in Hero pose, transition into lion pose, also known as simhasana in Sanskrit. Crossing one ankle over the other behind you, rest your tailbone on the top heel. Actively spread out all ten fingers and press the palms on the top of your thighs or pressed into the ground. Open your mouth as wide as you can, while taking a deep inhalation through the nose. Stick out your tongue as far as it can extend towards the chin. As you exhale, gaze upward. Then to make sure you are even and balanced in your body, switch your crossed ankles and practice breaths on the other side.

When you release the posture, enjoy the refreshing and invigorating fresh oxygen and blood flow to the body. Take inventory of what you feel, relaxing your jaw and tongue.

Feel refreshed, fierce, and confident after practicing lion pose and breath! Practice your lion roar technique when you need to get that extra boost. You got this!

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