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What do we think about as a routine? For many of us, we have a scheduled time to do a specific activity each day. What fills those scheduled times is up to each individual and their daily requirements. Some enjoy the day-to-day routine as it gives them a sense of comfort and organization; while others may crave for more. One thing that I learned from this ever evolving process is that you can have both a day-to-day routine while making room for fun and adventure. There are 24-hours in a day, how would you like to spend them?

Let's look at Mission vs. Vision Statements. When I think of a mission statement, I think "Core Values". When I think of a vision statement, I think about where I see myself and what steps I need to get there. Can you have different mission and vision statements based on your professional and personal lives? The answer for me is "ABSOLUTELY". With that said, my mission statement of life rarely changes as these are the core values I live by; whereas, my vision statement continues to evolve as I continue to grow. Where I see myself today may not be where I see myself in a year from now.

My personal mission statement: "Life a Journey, Not a Destination - Make Your Choices, Live your Experiences, & Enjoy the Ride"

FITMBS vision is to help alleviate the stress and create a positive energy within each of us through group fitness workouts, life coaching activities, and building out a supportive community driven through achieving our personal fitness goals.

My personal vision statement: "Be true to myself always; enjoy the work that I do - creating a work-life-balance for myself; being the best wife, friend, mentor, and daughter I can be, while working to fulfill my dreams and future experiences."

How might a mission and/or vision statement help when finding joy in your daily routine? For me, by creating a vision statement, it helped me to see where I want to go, who I want to be, and what I enjoy doing so I could incorporate it into my daily routine.

So, how do our mission/vision statements that we see for ourselves impact our daily routines? I once envisioned my life with children, having a family of my own; however, life took me a different direction so how do I work with what life looks like now? How do I live my life to the fullest to meet my best version of myself?

Steps in My Daily Routine to Support my Personal Vision:

  • I need to work - work creates money that pays for my experiences. I found the passion within work to make it enjoyable. I "Work to Live" NOT "Live to Work".

  • Exercise - I want to continue following my passion of teaching group fitness classes. In order to do this, I need to maintain my own fitness through working out. I make time in my daily routine to workout allowing me to clear my mind, build my body, and fill my soul.

  • Taking time out to write blogs of what I have learned from my personal experiences in hopes to inspire others looking for tips on self-improvement and self-love.

  • I like to plan trips and explore what each area of the world has to offer. I love learning different cultures, so meeting people who are different than me who can teach me new ways of looking and experiencing things.

  • Taking time out of my week to learn new languages so that when traveling to other parts of the world, I can communicate effectively with people.

  • Being present with my intimate relationships: husband, family, and friends and making sure I carve time out for activities/experiences with those most important relationships in my life.

  • Sleep is extremely important for me to keep a fresh mindset. I am not a person who can go off of minimal sleep, so understanding my sleep pattern is important in order to be my best self professionally and personally.

Each of us has a vision/mission statement that is unique to ourselves.

  • First step is to recognize how you envision living your life and creating a personal vision statement using your mission (core values) statement as a guide.

  • Second step is to make a list of how you see your vision coming to life.

  • Third step is to take steps in your personal daily routine to achieve your vision.

Once you have achieved your vision, re-evaluate to determine if you want to maintain current status or change any part of your vision statement and then repeat Steps 1-3.

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