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Rank the Following Items with Regard to How True They Are for You

I Regularly Get 7+ Hours of Sleep/Night
I Dedicate a Part of My Day Doing Something I Find Mentally Restorative (ie Reading/Meditation/Exercise
My Diet Predominantly Consists of Whole Foods.
I Engage in Regular Physical Activity and/or Exercise 5+ Days a Week
I Feel Like I Have Healthy, Reciprocal Relationships With Those Closest to Me.
I Wake Feeling Rested
I Participate in Activities like Yoga, Stretching, Massage, or Other Mind-Body Movement Most Days of the Week.
I Feel Like I Have a Relationship With Food That Contributes to My Well-Being
I Participate in Movement or Physical Activities That Contribute to my Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being.
I Consider My Daily Stress to Be Manageable.

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