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"Tanya is an amazing person to work with. She helped me with my career, business and personal goals. Tanya had a genuine passion and care in helping me succeed at my goals. The level of energy, drive and genuine desire she brought to see me succeed was phenomenal. Time well spent in working with her!!! ~Nathan, Director of Procurement

"Tanya worked with me for a 3-month health & wellness program. She is warm, personable and easy to talk to. She helped provide clarity in a time of transition, and solidified confidence in my decision-making. I would highly recommend her services." ~Alicia, Director of Operations

“John is a smart, passionate, and inspiring coach and facilitator. John’s intelligence in coaching and leadership is among the best I have seen. He is incredible at identifying trends in thought patterns and helps to focus on what steps are necessary to move forward. John’s professionalism and collaborative approach transcended all my primary expectations.” ~ Elena L. - University Human Resources Specialist

"I had the amazing opportunity to work with Tanya Johnson as a "life coach" during tumultuous times in 2020. Life Coaching may be pursued for many different reasons and my goal was to explore my leadership traits and learn to leverage them in a way that was more productive. Tanya helped me identify and break through patterns that were holding me back AND also leverage my strengths in a new way. Initially I didn't' think I needed to engage in life coaching but I knew how it benefited others who I thought were living their "best life". I truly enjoyed the sessions with Tanya as we worked through many different work life/leadership scenarios. I have a much higher self-awareness of my style which has been VERY HELPFUL in my daily interactions at work and also with my long term career goals. THANK YOU Tanya!!!!" ~ Patti R. – Procurement Executive, CA

“John's coaching has truly changed my life. John helped me bring unseen obstacles to light so that I could break through barriers I didn't know were there. He helped me to increase my productivity at work which led to increasing my value within the company.” ~ Cory B. – Military/Veterans Programs Professional

“John is a superb career coach. I was a client of his during a period of great change in my life; long term involuntary unemployment and career change made worse by the onset of the pandemic. His approach changed the way I thought about taking on those changes and challenges. He gave me several strategies that helped me not only survive but thrive. He really cares about his clients and it shows in every session.” ~ David J. – Director of Grants Management

"John is a talented, skillful, and artful coach. His innate skills combined with extensive training to result in the benefit for his clients. His work and life experiences make him particularly gifted at understanding and contributing to the growth of transitional clients." ~Jan B. - Leadership Consultant, Author and Transformational Coach


"I have worked with Tanya for over 3 months now. I have never had someone so involved & focused in my wellness journey. She is truly there for the individuals she serves. Throughout my program, I have had some struggles with plateau weeks, as most people do, but Tanya has helped me overcome those weeks of extra stress with decreased motivation by being the motivation! When you feel like you can only give 50% she picks you up and makes you feel like you can finish the week on a high note! She is truly amazing, if you're thinking about working with Tanya, DO IT you won't regret your decision."

~Morgan K

"FITMBS is a great program with classes and gym training. I've been in the program for 3 months now and love it! Tanya worked to develop an individual plan for me with no judgement. Classes are energized, fun, and at the pace that I can do. I have improved in strength, stamina, and positive energy. This has been the best thing I've done. I'm 60 yearsz old and still feel fit to do more fun things in my life! Thanks Tanya for all your help." ~Teresa B.

"I LOVE FITMBS!!!!!! :) The bond we have created and the hardwork we put in together is amazing. Tanya leads every single class with her best foot forward, positive attitude, & great spirit! It creates an uplifting environment that pushes you to feel your best & motivates you to reach the top & exceed all spectations! :) I'm SO beyond grateful & glad that I am a part of such a remarkable establishment & I really do just feel so ready to take on the day & like I can accomplish anything everytime I leave class! Thank you Tanya for pushing us all to be the best version of ourselves! YOU ROCK :)" ~Diana N.

"If you are looking for an on-demand option to workout with access to a lot of different types of classes, this place is it! I have been a member for over a year and love that I can choose a class anytime and get a great workout in anywhere. It's extremely reasonably priced too." ~ Janel

"Tanya's energy and positivity make her POUND class a blast to attend! I love the routines, upbeat music and the workout is very effective. Tanya is also a welcoming and engaging instructor. I highly recommend her classes." ~ Amanda E. 

"Tanya is a great fitness instructor! She's fun and energetic. Her classes have given me a great workout and they are perfect for busy parents. I've enjoyed the Dance Party Fitness class along with POUND." Kristin 

"I was looking for a dance aerobics class and finally found Dance Party. I am hooked. Tanya is very easy to follow and you can dance at your own pace and level. I highly recommend the class." Lisa D.

"As a mom of a toddler, I don't get much time to myself. But I continue to prioritize my POUND class with Tanya! I always walk away with a smile on my face and a good sweat. Her workouts are adaptable to meet you where you're at, whether you need a gentler or more intense workout. And Tanya herself is the sweetest person; you can't help but smile around her. Definitely recommend! ~ Dani

"Tanya was really impressive with her knowledge of muscle groupings and using exercises that engaged the muscles in an intense and rewarding way. It was tough, but as a coach, her encouragement was top notch and helped me to succeed." Troy D. 

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