Group Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer

Massage Therapist

My name is Haniel Thibeaux and I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Master Trainer for Strong Nation™, and licensed massage therapist out of Louisiana. Since 2013, I have earned such certifications including, but not limited to: Master Trainer for Strong Nation™; NASM CPT; Beachbody® Live Class Certifications incorporating classes such as: Insanity, P90x, Turbokick, PiYo, Core De Force, and Cize; and POUND®. I am also a Sh1ft Fitness Instructor which includes 4 formats: Sh1ft, L1ft, R1ze, and M1nd.

In addition to the professional certifications listed above, I also have a 12-year career as a Professional Wrestler and have worked/entertained on television with one of the top world wrestling companies you might be familiar with.

I was led down the path of fitness from trying to overcome my own personal challenges with being overweight. I started my fitness journey weighing over 300 lbs. I was worried about my health and needed to make a change. I was committed never to go back to the weight I was once at. I haven't looked back since.

During my fitness journey, I participated in home workout videos like Insanity and was then motivated to start teaching group fitness classes to inspire others to obtain their own fitness goals. Originally, I was going to audition for a few formats within Beachbody and then refocused my energies to Strong Nation™ to become one of their Master Trainers. Being a Master Trainer is a Level that I have always wanted to achieve because it would help propel me to the platform where I could reach out to more individuals who were in need of motivation. As a Master Trainer, I can now assist licensing others to become Strong Nation™ instructors and help inspire more people to achieve their fitness goals. 


As much as I love fitness and helping others to achieve their fitness goals, I'm a huge nerd for comics and anime. I love martial arts and have 20+ years of experience with all forms of the martial arts. I also spend time learning the Japanese language and techniques to better my massage practice.

I feel I'm in my element when I'm teaching fitness classes and believe I can help motivate the members of FITMBS™ to fulfill their fitness goals with fire and inspiration.