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  • What is Zyia Active?
    ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand founded in February 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT that offers a Boutique Style shopping experience for all ages, body shapes, and personal style preferences. Please note; however, that styles continue to change. As a boutique, new styles continue to arrive, but with that some styles do discontinue after time.
  • How do I create an Account?
    - Go to - Click on "Create An Account" at the top - You will receive an email within 48 hours to verify your account.
  • How do I place an order?
    Go to - Create an Account or if you already have an account, click "Sign In" or just browse the page and shop the store. - Fashions you are interested in, click on the picture and it will pop up with a full description. - If interested in purchasing the product, add to your cart. - Once you have added to cart, click on check out and boom you are set. - Clothes typically arrives in 10-15 business days from what I have noticed, but Zyia Active does provide tracking details for you.
  • How do the clothes fit?
    For the majority of the time, clothes fit to your true size; however, if you click on the item, it will bring up the full description which includes the fit.
  • What does RC next to the description mean?
    If you see an RC next to the description, this just means that the clothing is made from recycled materials; however, you can still click on the pic to obtain the full description and fit for that piece of clothing.
  • How do I wash my Zyia Activewear?
    There is a saying, "If you take care of your clothes, they will take care of you" - It is recommended to turn your clothes inside out and to wash in cold water with like items (preferably in delicate setting). - It is preferred not to use bleach or fabric softener. - If possible, try to hang dry, even if the tag says it can be dried (alternative is to dry with like items in delicate setting).
  • What is the Return Policy?
    Zyia Active offers Blue Moon Guarantee which allow people to return products back to Zyia if the fit is not exactly how they like it or they don't absolutely love their item within 30 days of purchase. In addition to the 30-day policy, Zyia Active provides a 12-month guarantee on defects of your product. Please note that these are actual defects vs. normal wear and tear or personal accidents within the clothing. If you do have a defect within your clothing, please contact Tanya Johnson, Independent Representative, if product was ordered through her, and she will take care of you and submit the claim. There is a $2 return fee and shipping charge; however, all fees and charges will be waived if ordered through Tanya Johnson, Independent Representative. Please contact Tanya Johnson, Independent Representative, and she will submit a claim & return request on your behalf and send you a return label.
  • What are the benefits and how do I host an in-person or on-line party?
    - If interested in hosting an in-person or on-line party, get in contact with your independent representative. - I will create a link for you and your friends and family that you would like to invite to participate. - Hosting can be as long as you choose. If hosting in-person, we would set you up with an on-line party as well to capture all sales and anyone who can't make it to your in-person event to capture the benefits of free product, discounted product, and more. - Throughout the year, there are different hosting party promotions that happen with ZYIA Active, I will continue to keep you informed through my FB VIP group of those promotions.
  • Why should I choose Tanya Johnson as my Independent Representative?
    WHY NOT? LOL All kidding aside, I have a business background along with understanding some of the uncertainties that come from purchasing from online retail manufacturers. - If you follow my FB VIP group: "FIT4U in ZYIA Active with Tanya Johnson (Independent Rep)", I know it's long but if you just key in the first few, it should pop up, you will receive up-to-date notifications on updates & promotions. - I will work alongside you on all Zyia Activewear and marketing needs ie hosting an in-person or online party. - Those that are FITMBS® members receive additional in-studio discounts off their ZYIA Activewear so you can come workout in comfort. - WORRY-FREE On-Line Ordering. If working through Tanya Johnson as your independent representative, Tanya will waive any fees and shipping costs associated with your return if you DO NOT absolutely LOVE YOUR PURCHASE.
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