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Healthy Tips for the Weekend

Don't let your weekend be your weak-end!

Weekends can be pretty tough. Weddings, parties, barbeques, family gatherings, and more. And events typically mean food. (Mainly lots of junk food...)

You've been working out through the week and feeling good. You don't want to go backward on the progress you've made! We want to build healthy lifestyles and not self-sabotage ourselves continually.

Here are some healthy tips to keep your weekend strong:

  1. Find time to stretch and decompress! It's okay if you're not going into hardcore workout mode on the weekends. It is actually healthy to give your body a day of rest to repair and restore. We don't want to become overtrained or burned out. Instead, embrace the rest. Enjoy the time to stretch out your muscles for healing and minimize soreness. Take an easy stretch, use a foam roller, or watch a FITMBS restorative yoga class on-demand.

  2. Bring the fruit! Heading to a potluck or event? Be the friend or family member who brings tasty and fresh fruits or veggies. Add a side of dip (like yogurt and whipped cream for fruit or a side of ranch for veggies). Everyone always thinks of bringing a bag of chips or a grocery-store-bought tray of cookies. Instead, bring the healthy option that everyone will be munching on guilt-free.

  3. Drink your water! Did you know that the daily recommended water intake for women is 91 ounces and for men is 125 ounces? If your body isn't getting the amount of water it needs, you may mistake feeling hungry for actually being thirsty. Make sure that you always have water on hand to be properly fueling your body.

  4. Focus on the recharge! What does recharging for the week look like for you? The time to recharge is the weekend! Sleep in (giving your mind and muscles time to recover). Read your Bible (for your spiritual health). Take a bubble bath (for both your physical and mental health). Focus on what gives you energy and fills your cup.

  5. ENJOY the weekend! Although we like to grind and be our best, I also challenge you to take care of yourself. Be realistic with yourself. Enjoy that piece of birthday cake. Enjoy sleeping in late. Enjoy that restorative yoga class. Don't feel guilty! Don't get so caught up in your goals that you forget to smell the flowers and enjoy the little things in your life.

What are your plans for the weekend? Make sure that you go into the weekend with a healthy mindset. And if you're not quite sure how to do that, or you feel like you are in a rut, reach out to a FITMBS life coach! Take care of yourselves, FITMBS lovelies!

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