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Best Workout Steals Under $30

Working out from home makes sense for the person looking for convenience, step-by-step instruction, and personality in their exercise routine. What isn't so awesome, is trying to find reasonably priced workout equipment and resources, right?

Especially no workout newbie is going to go out shopping and purchase expensive equipment to replicate a full gym center. But where do you start?

First ~ Evaluate only the equipment and materials you need for your workout of choice. IF you need any! Many fitness classes, such as STRONG NATION HITT, you are using your body weight and don't need dumbbells or equipment. In a yoga class, you may want a yoga mat, or if you enjoy FITMBS Coach Breanne's restorative classes, you are encouraged to use blankets and pillows in your house. See what exactly you need first.

Second ~ Snoop for good deals! (This is the fun part!) Don't get stuck purchasing the elite, athlete-endorsed brands from your department store. Explore options. Look at local garage sales. Find some cheap dumbbells at a thrift or consignment store. Check resale apps like Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark for lightly worn gym clothes. Make the time to shop strategically and scope out the deals -- they are out there, you just have to find them!

Most of all ~ Buy as you go! It isn't likely that you will suddenly need dumbbells ranging from 3 to 50 pounds in one workout. As you continue to strengthen your body, you can continue to up your weights, buying as you need them. Don't break the bank buying everything you think you need. Many FITMBS classes don't use many (if any) equipment, so get only what you need at an affordable price.

Working out is FUN! And FITMBS has a wide variety of classes to help you challenge yourself, while enjoying each movement. If you're not already a FITMBS member, sign up today to gain access to all live and on-demand FITMBS classes:

Coach Breanne's List of Shopping Steal-of-a-Deals:

  • FITMBS exercise resistance band set - $17.99

  • FITMBS "ROCK YOUR BODY" cosmic tank - $28.99

  • FITMBS adjustable cap - $14.99

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