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Group Fitness Instructor


My name is Joi Conley. I am an ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I teach various fitness formats, but I specialize in ZUMBA® fitness. In addition to my passion for fitness, I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership in which I was a CPS teacher for over 15 years. 

In 2018, I became a stay-at-home mom. Zumba® (for me) is not about just advertising classes and wanting people to come through, but rather to provide an "EXPERIENCE".


I just described myself above. When I worked out in the gym, I was bored. I had to sike myself up to not only go to the gym, but to do a quality workout. I was unhappy with my body, my weight was always up and down (I had three back-to-back children), and in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. At that time, in the midst of potentially being faced with several health issues, which could've caused me to leave behind my husband and three small children - I asked for God to help me. In 2014, while at the gym, I peeked into the studio and was intrigued by what I saw. I looked at the schedule to check the time of the next class, and on that Saturday I took my first Zumba® Class with Cristina.

I had finally found a workout that seemed to have been designed just for me - something that I really enjoyed. The instructor truly inspired me, and I've been taking Zumba® classes for over seven years now. In August 2019, I became a licensed Zumba® instructor. I teach Chair Zumba® and traditional, yet unique Zumba® classes.


In my spare time, I enjoy Family Game Night, Family Movie Night, Reading, Cooking, Watching Days of Our Lives, Taking Walks, Watching NBA & WNBA Basketball Games.

It gives me great pleasure to MOTIVATE people of all ages to get up and move. It gives me incredible joy to INSPIRE people of all ages to make lifestyle changes, and want to live a happier & healthier life. I encourage YOU to find a workout that best for YOU. P.S. Don't forget to have FUN! I look forward to dancing with all the members of fitmbs®.



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