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I set up my new account, but all the products still have prices. What's going on?

The promotion asks that you first set up an account & then wait for your invitation to pick a free item. This invitation will come by email & will likely arrive within the next two weeks. When you receive it, you'll log into your Customer Portal account and you'll clearly see the free items available.

I set up my free account, but never got a confirmation email.

Confirmation emails are a bit delayed, but they are processing. If you are waiting on a confirmation email and attempt to log in, you'll be reminded that you need to confirm your account. Accounts created but not confirmed are still recorded and the account will still qualify for a free item. Please be patient, check for your confirmation email in your junk or spam folder, and wait 24 hours. If you do not receive your confirmation within 48 hours, please let me know and I will submit a ticket on your behalf.

But wait, I only have 24 hours to pick an item! Don't I need that confirmation email to get my item?

The 24-hour limit on picking an item doesn't begin until you've been invited to pick an item via email. We won't email you uintil your account is confirmed. If you created your account today, there is not a clock ticking down on your ability to pick an item.

I created an account before, but didn't get a confirmation email. Do I need to set up a new account?

No, don't create a new account. Login and you'll see an error saying the account has not been confirmed. Click the link to resend your confirmation. The confirmation email may take up to a day to arrive. If you attempt to trigger the confirmation repeatedly, you'll see an error that reads, "Invalid Form Key. Please refresh page."

I created an account, but can't recall my password.

Go to the login screen and use the Forgot Password link. These recovery emails are not encountering the same delays as confirmation emails so you should be able to update the password and enter your account.

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