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  • What is FITMBS®
    FITMBS is a fitness, health and wellness company specializing in lifestyle, fitness & transitional changes to improve quality of life outcomes.
  • Who does FITMBS® serve?
    FITMBS® is a Le Sueur, MN based company; however, we serve clients across the United States who are looking to make a personal life change for themselves. We have both in-person and virtual options available.
  • Are the Services Covered by Insurance Plans?
    FITMBS® services are covered under most HSA and FSA plans. We can discuss further during our consultation.
  • Can I Cancel at Anytime?
    For most services, clients may cancel at anytime giving the coach notice with the exception of the 3 Month Lifestyle Design Plan in which there is a 3-month commitment given change occurs over time.
  • How do I get started?
    We ask that you sign up for a free consultation. During that consultation, we will discuss your goals and what you are hoping to accomplish in our time together. From there, we will discuss options for consideration.
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