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Group Fitness Instructor
(On-Demand Zumba® Instructor)


Hello my name is Daniela Helton and I am a Certified Zumba® Instructor from Maryland with a Latina background! Dancing is in my blood and it is hard to go a day without doing it! I began my career as a Zumba® Instructor in 2012 by providing classes to adults in my community. In 2013, I became certified to teach Zumba to children! I have taught both of these formats for almost 10 years and enjoy every minute! in 2018, I became licensed in Strong Nation™ by Zumba®. This high intense format was a great fit for many of my clients that are not comfortable dancing but want a great workout! Strong Nation™ has been a great addition to my weekly routine & provides a nice balance when doing it in addition to a Zumba® workout.

Throughout my life, I have been engaged with sports and later on I fell in love with running. However, as my family grew and my life became occupied with work, homelife, being a wife & mother, I slowly began to forget about health. I decided to take charge and incorporate fitness back into my life through something I always loved to do and something that I knew would uplift my day and make me happy - DANCE. Zumba® was the perfect fit, and I was able to add it to my day by doing it from home. 

"Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you."

As women, we think we can do it all and often forget about ourselves and important self-care reminders are necessary! As a result, I get up every morning and tell myself: I can do this, and I encourage all of you to do the same and put your health first!


In my down time, I enjoy riding mountain bikes with my family, going on picnics, decorating, traveling to the beach, visiting many countries and learning about new cultures and people.

My hope is to INSPIRE the members of fitmbs® to workout with me and take care of themselves. You will love the music and the moves! Come as you are, no need to be perfect; just move and have fun!



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