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Now Offering:
Career Development Coaching Services

Are you at a crossroad with your career destination?

Whether you are a high-school student looking for a Major to study in, a college student looking for the next step after graduating, and/or someone who is unfulfilled and looking for a new career path, FITMBS® is here to assist.

Coaching Services

There is so much information coming at us at one time. Sometimes these types of decisions can be a bit overwhelming. Career indecisiveness can have a cost to our health, stress, and pocketbook. 

Our coaches have a wealth of experience in multiple different industries. We will work with our clients to identify areas of interest to allow for growth, passion, and joy in the next career path they choose.  

Not all career journeys are alike. Some Clients might be at the very start of thinking about the career they want while others might be seasoned and looking for a different direction. FITMBS® is here to work with our Clients to explore different Majors/industries/positions; create a development plan on a path forward to reach their career goals; and provide professional services including but not limited to: resume writing, mock interviews, mentoring and more to help their clients achieve their career goals.  

To take next steps in reaching your next career, click on the link below to setup a Free Consultation to see if career coaching is right for you.

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